25 Nov, 2019

Safety Day at HESS

Employee training in occupational health and safety, fire safety and health promotion during the Read more

17 Okt, 2019

Groundwater in the zone o...

Water is a natural resource vital to life on Earth. Based on its mode and location of occurrence, Read more

16 Okt, 2019

Fish in the Sava – info...

In cooperation with the Municipality of Sevnica, Sevnica Fishing Club, and the Umbra Institute, Read more

27 Sep, 2019

What causes foam to appea...

Occasionally, foam can be observed on the water inside the reservoirs of the hydroelectric power Read more

16 Sep, 2019

Surface water quality in ...

Every now and then we come across a comment or post in individual social media on the topic of organRead more

19 Aug, 2019

With green hydrogen towar...

Increasingly stringent demands to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and reduce the use of fossil fuelsRead more

30 Jul, 2019

Multipurpose projects on ...

The Sava, our country's longest river, has long played a crucial role for the people living with it.Read more

23 Jul, 2019

Fishways at the hydroelec...

Also known as fish passes or aquatic organism passage facilities, fishways represent mitigation Read more

05 Jun, 2019

World Environment Day ...

On World Environment Day, celebrated on the 5th of June every year, we wish to highlight the Read more