5th anniversary of the first employments in HESS

02 Okt, 2015
5th anniversary of the first employments in HESS

Important milestone is presented in the company history by the 1st of October due to the first employments and relocating to own facilities which were made in 2010.
Purpose of company establishment in 2008 was to continue and to end up with multipurpose project of hydropower plants (HPP) chain on lower Sava river as well to provide safety and reliable electricity production from renewable energy sources.

Favourable business results has been reached so far, due to professional competence, dedication and affiliation of employees. Significant and successful work was done also from the aspect of investment in a new hydropower plants (HPP), electricity production, throughout improvement of operating and maintaining process as well as business optimization.

Company is recently the biggest investor of renewable facilities in Slovenia and wider. According to the time schedule building of 4th HPP – HPP Brežice is going on. Likewise environmental permitting procedures for last HPP in chain – HPP Mokrice.

Within company Development plan until 2027 there are clearly goals established, regarding on maximum safety and reliability of electricity production. Important role will company especially dedicate to building up a new and environmental friendly energy facilities.