Activities at HPP Brežice

25 Mar, 2015
Activities at HPP Brežice

The construction works of the production part of HPP Brežice are in full swing and are within the planned timeframe. There are no outstanding problems, therefore we expect a smooth operation in the future, according to the plan. Even more so, as more than 95% of all planned contracts have already been signed with suppliers and providers.
There are approximately 140 workers on the site daily, managing the works on all segments of the future hydro plant. By the end of February 2015, more than 20,000 m3 of concrete and 2,000 tons of armature have been built into the HPP Brežice facilities.
The production and delivery of hydro-mechanic and turbine equipment are in lines with contractual obligation of the providers. First elements of the mechanic equipment are being installed in concrete and two radial gates of the overflowing structure have been delivered. A quarter of the access bridge to the future dam structure on the left bank of the Sava has been constructed.
A drainage channel of the construction site was heavily damaged by the flood in the autumn of 2014. It has been adequately repaired.