Construction of HPP Brežice begins

25 Mar, 2014
Construction of HPP Brežice begins

The chain of hydro plants on the Lower Sava River is a multipurpose project that ensures a significant share in the energy balance in Slovenia by the completed HPP Boštanj, HPP Arto-Blanca and HPP Krško and planned HPP Brežice and HPP Mokrice. Apart from the production of electricity from renewable sources, there are financial and other positive outcomes for the local communities and the Slovenian budget. It will decrease budget costs in case of floods or draughts. The HPP chain supports a high quality of life by the river (managed infrastructure, tourism, river traffic, fishing, etc).
The construction of five hydro plants on the Lower Sava River began in 2002 and is defined by defined by the Concession for Exploitation of the Energy Potential of the Lower Sava River and the Conditions of the Concession for Exploitation of the Energy Potential of the Lower Sava River Act (ZPKEPS-1).
Since the beginning, the project has been adequately planned, managed and supervised, which results in no deviations from the planned financial frames with the same prospect in the future. The project also offers possibilities for the Slovenian economy, as the construction and the equipment are largely results of Slovenian expertise. 

Investment into the completed HPP as recorded on 31 December 2013:

For the construction of HPP Boštanj, HPP Arto-Blanca and HPP Krško 259,486,000 EUR were planned for the production part, the final costs reached in total 256,433,650 EUR (99% of the planned expenses). 8,452,410 EUR were invested in HPP Brežice and 4,817,800 EUR in HPP Mokrice. 

Planned investment in the chain of HE on the Lower Sava River in total:

Every change of legal systems, especially in the area of environmental protection, can have a significant impact on the construction, undertaking new studies and in some cases even re-planning certain parts of the project. All of the above can bear large impact on the investment in terms of higher expenses, however, the projections for HE Brežice and HE Mokrice do not point out any significant deviations from the plans. 
Based on the 2007 pre-investment study 813,331,132 EUR have been committed towards the construction of five HE (according to current prices), the projected final realisation sits at 789,469,432 EUR at the moment (97% of the planned funds).

Indirect funding of the infrastructure construction:

During their operating span, the Lower Sava River hydro plants will provide funds to the state of Slovenia, which will be several times larger than the state invests in infrastructural solutions at constructing the HE in the area. The funds will be provided through concession fees, water charges and income taxes of legal entities. 
Expenses of the HESS company at maintaining the infrastructure can be identified as a part of the direct income of the state budget, as it relieves the Slovenian budget of significant financial pressure. In addition, there are positive outcomes of the HE chain on the Lower Sava River – flood and draught protection.
HE Brežice is the fourth facility in the chain of hydro plants on the Lower Sava River.

Basic technical data of HE Brežice:

  • Rated discharge: 500 m3/s
  • Rated drop: 11 m
  • Rated power: 45 MW
  • Medial annual production: 161 GWh
  • Volume of the basin (useful): 3,400,000 m3
  • Average annual discharge: 207 m3/s
  • Construction period: 2014-2017

The project of HE construction on the Lower Sava River is of multipurpose nature, with its aim being reached in full only by connection of all effects of the synergy between the production and infrastructure sections, local communities and the state. The planning and carrying out of the project are certainly examples of good practice for all similar projects in the future.