Construction of HPP Brežice practically complete

02 Aug, 2017
Construction of HPP Brežice practically complete

With only minor finishing work underway inside and outside HPP Brežice, the power plant and its surroundings are starting to take their final shape.

After generating unit 3 completed its 60-day mandatory trial operation on 27 July 2017, all three generating units have been provisionally accepted with the reservoir filled to the low-level mark. The final acceptance of all three generating units will take place once the reservoir has been filled up to its nominal height – the reservoir is already being filled – and once the start-up testing has been repeated at their rated capacity.

The delivery and acceptance of spare parts for the hydromechanical, turbine and generator equipment and the rest of electrical equipment is currently in progress. A technical security system for the HPP structure with its surroundings has been deployed, and so have seismic, technical and environmental monitoring systems.

There has been no change to the dates for the technical inspection and start of trial operation of HPP Brežice, which are scheduled for the end of September 2017.