Contract for the dam structure LOT A2 for HPP Brežice signed

10 Jul, 2014
Contract for the dam structure LOT A2 for HPP Brežice signed

Bogdan Barbič (CEO HESS) and Miljenko Muha (Chairman of the Board at Kostak d.d.) signed a contract for main construction works on the HPP Brežice dam structure. The contract was signed at Podsreda Castle. 
HPP Brežice is the fourth in the chain of hydro plants on the Lower Sava River; fully constructed and operational are HPP Boštanj, HPP Arto-Blanca and HPP Krško. The HPP construction is divided into several parts, determined by tenders. Preparatory work at HPP Brežice began on 25 March 2014. A bypass channel through which the Sava has been rerouted, digging works are still underway, as well as pumping water and sealing the flood barriers in the construction pit. 
Some important data about the dam structure – the topic of the contract.
The subject of the contract is the provision of main construction works for the dam structure, which consists of reservoir pools, the machine facility and its extension, wall on the wings of the facility, as well as the ramps for pouring-in and –out. Works on the electric and machine installation will be carried out, as well as construction works on multipurpose storage facility and on barrier seals in the construction pit, and both banks of the Sava shall be fixed. The contract also determines an access bridge to be constructed over the Struga creek to reach HPP Brežice. 
Tender documentation and the process of procurement according to the valid law were managed by HSE Invest d.o.o. on behalf of HESS d.o.o. The value of the transformers is set to 19,427,670.06 EUR, which represents approximately 17% of the value of constructing the production section of HPP Brežice. The works on the dam structure will take place from November 2014 to July 2017.
The construction works on the dam structure of HPP Brežice will be undertaken by Kostak d.d. – the main consortium partner – RGP d.o.o., CGP, d.d. and Kolektor Koling d.o.o. as consortium partners. All partners of the consortium are convinced that the works at the construction of HPP Brežice carry significant importance for the future development of personnel and expertise. In addition, one of the biggest investments in this country carries on – which is the most important.
The HESS company has already signed the contracts for turbine and generator equipment, bridge elevators and hydro mechanic equipment, soon the contract for the power transformer will be signed, as well. The contract for main construction works on the HPP Brežice dam structure is thus the last of the larger contracts needed to build the production section of HPP Brežice.