Environmental approval for HPP Mokrice

25 Mar, 2015
Environmental approval for HPP Mokrice

The HESS company applied for environmental approval at Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) on 16 March 2015 to commence constructing HPP Mokrice, the last in the row of five hydro plants on the Lower Sava River.
This is an important milestone in a multipurpose project of constructing hydro plants on the Lower Sava River, as we wish to warrant the trust placed in us as well as fulfil the expectations of our partners and contractual obligations towards the Republic of Slovenia. The state made a strategic decision at the beginning of the millennium to steer the Slovenian power production towards our own sources, which are also ecologically acceptable. Hydro plants play a key role in this plan. The key element of the application was The Environmental Impact Report, a basic expert document recording the pre-intervention state of the environment and defining course of action to preserve and – in most cases – improve the current environmental circumstances. It is a lengthy document that not only complies with the current legal requirements, but also guidelines, expert opinions and suggestions of a wider circle of stakeholders. Furthermore, it presents the results of all activity taken so far, which have taken place by mutual co-ordination on various institutional levels and at civil initiatives, as well as on international levels with the Republic of Croatia. 
The HESS company is aware that the project of constructing the hydro plants on the Lower Sava River is much more than solely a power production project. It is a consensus of influential elements with the aim of reaching mutual and successful co-operation regarding environmental, social, security and economical interests. 
The application is the basis for the decision makers in the process of obtaining the environmental approval, which is the requirement for the building permit.