Fish in the Sava – information signboards at the HPP Arto-Blanca fishway

16 Okt, 2019
Fish in the Sava – information signboards at the HPP Arto-Blanca fishway

In cooperation with the Municipality of Sevnica, Sevnica Fishing Club, and the Umbra Institute, we have put up at the HPP Arto-Blanca fishway several information signboards on the topic of Sava River fish using the fishway.

At HESS we are fully aware of the fact that the construction of a chain of hydroelectric power plants on the lower course of the Sava is a massive intervention in space, which is why during the planning and siting stages a strong focus was also placed on ensuring suitable nature protection configurations. The HPP Arto-Blanca fishway (or aquatic organism passage facility) is a fine example of good practice in terms of implementing such configurations when building hydroelectric power plants. Fishways as such are mitigation measures which allow fish and other aquatic organisms to bypass various barriers on watercourses, including dam structures of hydroelectric power plants.

The Sevnica Fishing Club, in charge of maintaining the HPP Arto-Blanca fishway in good condition, is pleased to see the fishway serve its purpose well and is also happy to be working together with schools, which increasingly take pupils to see the fishway up close during nature outings. According to the club's chairman, Mr Sandi Kosmač, children would previously be taken abroad to see such structures, mostly to Austria. Today they no longer need to travel far to see a prime example of a properly functioning fishway. The new information signboards will further enhance the experience for visitors there, allowing them – as they walk along the fishway – to learn more about the fish passing through it.

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