HPP Brežice Construction Progress Report

29 Jun, 2016
HPP Brežice Construction Progress Report

All major operations involving concrete have been completed on the HPP Brežice dam building. The installed hydromechanical equipment components have been cemented into position; abrasive concrete operations and the spillway bridge structure have all been finalized.

A cable ductwork and rainwater sewer system with manholes and public utility drainage connections have been installed on the power plants outer platforms; the upstream platform is ready to be asphalted.

Painting and tiling, door fitting, laying of mechanical and electrical wiring and piping, and installation of metal frameworks are under way in the powerhouse; work is being carried out on the dam building's exterior walls.

All the radial gates have been installed and swung open. Laying of the hydraulic piping and electrical wiring to connect to the radial gates has started. The installation of hydromechanical equipment – fish-belly flap gates and inlet grids – is being finalized in the inlet section of the powerhouse. The powerhouse's flow-through ducts have been closed off with gates and are now ready for the construction pit to be filled with water; the same goes for the power plant's drainage system.

The downstream retaining wall of the construction pit is being torn down, and the material is being used for backfilling the right bank next to the spillways. Pumping has stopped in the downstream section of the construction pit, so groundwater is already starting to flood the power plant's outlet section.

Turbine equipment is being installed on two generating units; the first generating unit is ready for the installation of concrete-poured parts of the supporting cradle for the generator's main bearing; the first generator stator has been delivered to the construction site. The runner collar of the second generating unit is being fixed into position with concrete.

Electrical equipment, boxes and enclosures are being installed; a diesel power generator, GIS substation, on-site low-voltage AC and DC power systems, 20kV switching substation, two unit transformers, and a grid-connected transformer have all been installed. The generators' excitation systems are ready to be connected to the rest of the power plant's systems.

The flow-through ducts' drainage components, 20kV switching substation, 20/0.4kV unit transformer, and diesel power generator have undergone and passed initial start-up tests.

Intense work, carried out by the company Infra d.o.o., is also under way on the reservoir: on grout curtains, excavations, embankments and rip-raps.

The planned diversion of the river Sava onto the spillways is set to take place in the summer months of this year and the reservoir is to be filled to capacity in November 2016, followed by a technical inspection and the start of trial operation in the autumn of 2017.