HPP Brežice Construction Progress Report

18 Dec, 2015
HPP Brežice Construction Progress Report

The construction of the energy generation section of HPP Brežice is going according to schedule. With 77,000 m3 of concrete and 5,200 tonnes of reinforcing bars incorporated into the works to date, as much as 75% of the construction work has already been completed. At present, intense work is being put into the construction of the prefabricated powerhouse hall, ancillary building, flank walls and outlet gate. Coarse concrete pouring operations are still under way on the spillways.

With all the stay vanes fitted, including the turbine well lining, the installation of turbine equipment in the powerhouse is well ahead of schedule. The manufacturing of turbine runners, to be installed in the spring months of 2016, is nearing completion.

As for hydromechanical equipment, radial (Tainter) gates have been installed on spillways 5 and 4, and the radial gate for spillway 3 is being assembled. The installation of radial gates will be followed by the installation of the bridge structure with all the necessary wiring and ductwork.

Electrical equipment installation work has begun in the powerhouse, and the installation of the travelling crane and gantry cranes is scheduled for February 2016. Most of the major work on the bridge over the Struga stream has been completed, leaving only finishing work for next year.

Earthworks are currently under way on the reservoir, with the company Infra d.o.o. as the contracting entity. Given the intensity of the work being performed, the diversion of the Sava from the bypass channel onto the spillways and the backfilling of the bypass channel are planned for the summer months of 2016, with the filling of the reservoir for conducting start-up test runs on the HPP Brežice generating units and equipment to follow at the end of the year.