HPP Brežice Construction Site Alive with Action

26 Apr, 2016
HPP Brežice Construction Site Alive with Action

Construction work is currently under way on the powerhouse outlet gate, training wall and inlet platform. Work on the roof of the assembly hall has been completed, with hydro and thermal insulation laid. Current operations include finishing work on the concrete surfaces, painting and tiling, fitting of windows and doors, and the laying of machine and electrical wiring and piping.

The last two radial gates are being assembled and welded into place on the spillways. The construction-grade bridge structure is being installed at the same time.

In the powerhouse, electrical equipment, boxes and enclosures are being installed, and so is turbine equipment; the runner collar of the first generating unit has been fixed into position with concrete and a grid-connected transformer has been installed. An internal technical inspection of the powerhouse flow ducts, gantry cranes, inlet and outlet gates, and the powerhouse roof structure was successfully carried out in April. 

Intense work is currently under way on the reservoir, with the granting authority as developer and the company Infra d.o.o. as operating contractor. Based on the coordinated and well-aligned work schedules for the dam structure with the powerhouse and for the reservoir, the Sava River is expected to be diverted from the bypass channel onto the spillways in the summer months of 2016. The deadline for the completion of the construction and installation work needed before the reservoir is to be filled to capacity remains unchanged and is set for November 2016.

Given the current construction progress, the activities scheduled for 2017 remain unchanged. Start-up, operational and other testing is going to take place in the first half of 2017, followed by a technical inspection and the start of trial operation in the autumn of 2017.