HPP Brežice Construction Work Progress Report

01 Apr, 2016
HPP Brežice Construction Work Progress Report

The construction of HPP Brežice is going according to schedule, with most of the construction work on the dam structure completed.

The ancillary powerhouse building, auxiliary powerhouse facilities and the assembly hall have all been completed. Work on the powerhouse outlet gate and the training wall is currently under way, and the roof of the assembly hall is being built. Concrete works, painting and tiling are close to being finished, the downstream right-bank flank wall has been completed.

As for the spillways, intense radial gate installation and welding operations are currently under way on spillways 4 and 5. After all the radial gates have been installed, the installation of the bridge structure with all the necessary wiring and ductwork will follow. Electrical and mechanical installations are being carried out in the powerhouse. An internal technical inspection to assess the powerhouse's structural integrity, with load testing of the overhead travelling crane to be used for the assembly and installation of turbine equipment, was successfully carried out in March. The runner collar of the first generating unit is being installed and centred.

As part of the work on the hydromechanical equipment in the powerhouse, final assembly work on the gantry cranes is being carried out, which will be followed by load testing and the closing of flow ducts with the use of gates.

Intense earthworks and the construction of a high-water release structure are currently under way on the reservoir, with the granting authority as developer and the company Infra d.o.o. as operating contractor. Given that the work schedules for the dam structure with the powerhouse and for the reservoir are well aligned, the diversion of the Sava River from the bypass channel onto the spillways and the backfilling of the bypass channel are expected to take place in the summer of 2016. The deadline to complete the construction and installation work before filling the reservoir to capacity is set for November 2016.

Start-up, operational and other testing is scheduled to take place in the first half of 2017, followed by a technical inspection and the start of trial operation in the autumn of 2017.