HPP Brežice construction

11 Dec, 2014
HPP Brežice construction

The construction of the production section of the HPP Brežice is proceeding according to plans with no exceptional obstacles to stall the work. However, we are fully prepared to deal with potential problems.
At the moment, the construction works are most heavily engaged in the construction pit of the future hydro plant. The complete construction infrastructure has been set up, including all planned digging activities completed. Over 1,450m3 of concrete have already been built into the reservoir pools, with the first blocs of the monitoring hall in the machine facility also laid in concrete.
A lot of effort was put into repairing the damage caused by the Sava River during the last flood. The very next day after the damage had been inflicted, we secured the most critical areas. We implemented protection measures on a bridge support unit on a local road, as well as secured the 20Kv cable Brežice - Krška vas and additionally protected the western barrier of the construction pit. The flood did not jeopardise individual structures. Our response was immediate, as it was possible for the flood to return, which would cause additional damage and put the above-mentioned structure to risk.
We plan to complete the repair works by the end of 2014, providing the hydrological conditions allow it. The costs of clearing the results of the flood are being managed within the frame of insurances for the construction yard and allowances of the construction material that can be used as stipulated in project planning.