HPP Brežice – Installation of Hydromechanical, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Continues

28 Sep, 2016
HPP Brežice – Installation of Hydromechanical, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Continues

September has seen the continuation of intense construction work on HPP Brežice and the rerouting of the Sava River onto the spillways. The hydromechanical equipment supplier has already closed off one of the spillways with maintenance gates, allowing building work on the sills to continue. Work also continued on raising the causeway across the bypass channel.

Work on the riverbank rip-raps is nearing completion, and the bridge running across the Struga Stream all the way to the power plant's dam structure has been paved with asphalt.

Painting and tiling work continues in the powerhouse, along with the laying of machine and electrical wiring and piping and the installation of metal frameworks. The load-bearing frame for the building's glass facade is ready for work to continue.

The laying of hydraulic piping and electrical wiring for controlling the radial gates has been completed, and the testing of the installed equipment has begun.

The installation of the generator stator and associated equipment is underway on the first power generating unit; the rotor is already on-site and its installation is scheduled to begin by the end of September. The installation of guide bearings and turbine shaft with piping is underway on the second and third power generating units respectively.

Installation work and testing are being carried out on the electrical equipment and protection and control systems. Initial start-up testing is being carried out on the 10.5kV switching substation systems, spillway radial gates, 110kV GIS substation, process water and compressed air supply systems.

The 20kV switching substation, 20/0.4kV unit transformer, on-site low-voltage distribution box, on-site DC power system, diesel power generator, flow-though section drainage, and powerhouse drainage system are already in operation.

Intense work, carried out by the company Infra d.o.o., is also underway on the reservoir: on grout curtains, excavations, embankments and rip-raps.

The planned filling of the reservoir to capacity is scheduled for November 2016, to be followed by a technical inspection and the start of trial operation in the autumn of 2017.