HPP Brežice – Testing of Installed Equipment In Full Swing

28 Okt, 2016
HPP Brežice – Testing of Installed Equipment In Full Swing

Construction, fitting and finishing work on the dam building continued throughout October. Work is being done in the power plant's control room and dedicated facility for the personnel operating the radial gates, which is scheduled to start in November.

Construction work on the first spillway has been completed, maintenance gates are now being moved to allow finishing work to start on the second spillway.

Work was performed on the causeway on the right bank next to the spillways and on the left bank next to the multipurpose structure. Work on the rip-raps along the riverbank has been completed.

Painting and tiling work continues in the powerhouse, along with the laying of machine and electrical wiring and piping and the installation of metal frameworks. The glass facade is being mounted onto the building.

The testing of the spillways' hydromechanical equipment has been completed, a floating curtain for the powerhouse has been delivered on-site and will be installed into position after the reservoir has been filled to capacity. 

An internal technical inspection before the first filling was successfully completed on 25 October 2016. The inspection checked the building construction of the spillways, the spillways' hydromechanical equipment with control system, and all finalized equipment assemblies such as powerhouse drainage system, 20kV switching substation, 20/0.4kV unit transformer, on-site low-voltage distribution box, on-site DC power system and diesel power generator. In line with the overall construction schedule, the HPP Brežice dam building is now ready for the intermediate filling of the reservoir for the purpose of testing the installed equipment.

The installation of the generator's mechanical equipment is being finalized on the first power generating unit, to be followed by the installation of the generator's electrical equipment and testing. The three lobes of the stator are being installed on the second power generating unit, and the installation of the turbine shaft has been completed on the third power generating unit.

Installation work and testing are being carried out on the electrical equipment and protection and control systems. Initial start-up testing of the 10.5kV switching substation systems have been completed, start-up testing is now under way on the 110kV GIS substation and the process water and compressed air supply systems.

The company Infra d.o.o. is working on the embankments, excavations, grout curtains, and rip-raps on the reservoir.

The planned filling of the reservoir for testing the equipment and embankments is scheduled for the end of November 2016, and the filling up of the reservoir is scheduled to resume in early 2017.

A technical inspection and the start of trial operation are scheduled for the end of September 2017.