HPP Brežice – the Sava Routed Onto Spillways

06 Sep, 2016
HPP Brežice – the Sava Routed Onto Spillways

Two construction pit causeways at the dam structure were removed in August, and the material is being used for backfilling the bypass channel. On 27 August 2016, the Sava River was routed from the provisional bypass channel back to its original flow, this time over the HPP Brežice dam structure.

The power plant's outer platforms on the Sava's left bank have been paved with asphalt, work on the rip-raps is nearing completion, and the outflow section of the planned kayak & canoe course has been completed.

Painting and tiling work continues in the powerhouse, along with the laying of machine and electrical wiring and piping, installation of metal frameworks, and work on the building's exterior.

The laying of hydraulic piping and electrical wiring for controlling the radial gates is under way. The installation of hydromechanical equipment – fish-belly flap gates and inlet grids – has been completed in the inlet section of the powerhouse.

The installation of turbine equipment has been completed on the first power generating unit, with the generator stator being installed; the generator runner, guide vanes and turbine cover have been installed on the second generating unit. The runner collar of the third generating unit being fixed into position with concrete is nearly finished and will be followed by the installation of turbine equipment.

Electrical equipment and protection and control boxes for the GIS substation, 10.5kV switching substation and grid-connected transformer are being installed. Measurements are being conducted on the generating unit 1 stator coil. Electrical equipment for the control systems is being hooked up on the hydromechanical equipment side.

The power plant has the following systems in operation: 20kV switching substation, 20/0.4kV unit transformer, on-site low-voltage distribution box, on-site low-voltage DC power system, diesel power generator, flow-though section drainage, and powerhouse drainage system.

Intense work, carried out by the company Infra d.o.o., is under way on the reservoir: on grout curtains, excavations, embankments and rip-raps.

The planned filling of the reservoir to capacity remains unchanged and is scheduled for November 2016, to be followed by a technical inspection and the start of trial operation in the autumn of 2017. The HPP Brežice dam structure is ready for the reservoir to be filled to working capacity.