HPP Brežice Visited by Prime Minister, Miro Cerar, LL.D.

01 Feb, 2017
HPP Brežice Visited by Prime Minister, Miro Cerar, LL.D.

On Friday, 27 January 2017, the HPP Brežice reservoir and powerhouse construction site was visited by the Prime Minister, Miro Cerar, LL.D., accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure, Peter Gašperšič, D.Sc., and a delegation of experts. The purpose of the visit, guided by the director of HESS d.o.o., Mr. Bogdan Barbič, was to check on the progress on the construction of HPP Brežice.

The visit by government representatives is also important in view of the activities for continuing the construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Lower Sava River (HPP Mokrice), which rely heavily on the actions by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Work In Progress on HPP Brežice and Synchronization of Generating Unit 1 with the Power Grid

At the HPP Brežice powerhouse, with the reservoir filled to the low-level mark, generating unit 1 was successfully synchronized with the power transmission grid on 20 January 2017.

Turbine and generator equipment is currently being installed on generating units 2 and 3. The testing and trial operation of generating unit 2 are scheduled to begin in early 2017, and the trial operation of generating unit 3 is scheduled for June 2017.

All work on the power plant's hydromechanical equipment has been completed and signed off. The filling of the reservoir up to the nominal height will be possible once the work on the reservoir embankments and the Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) dam modification have been completed.

Most of the major construction work has been completed and will be followed by finishing work both indoors and outdoors.

There has been no change to the dates for the technical inspection and start of trial operation of the power plant, which are scheduled for the end of September 2017.