HPP Production and Maintenance in 2016

19 Jan, 2017
HPP Production and Maintenance in 2016

The hydroelectric power plants operated by HESS – HPP Boštanj, HPP Arto - Blanca and HPP Krško – generated a combined total of 391.8 GWh of electricity in 2016, which is slightly below the production targets due to subnormal hydrological conditions for generating electricity in the last quarter of the year.

In addition to regular power plant operation, there were also maintenance activities carried out at HPP Boštanj, HPP Arto - Blanca and HPP Krško, comprising planned preventive and predictive maintenance and mandatory equipment inspections. According to the annual plan, inspections and overhauls of power generating units were completed at all three hydroelectric power plants. Maintenance work was also carried out on shared systems, hydromechanical equipment, switching substations and 110kV grid-connected transformers. Annual servicing was carried out on diesel power generators, storage batteries, ventilation systems and process air supply systems. 

Modifications were also carried out on some devices and equipment components at individual power plants so as to increase their operational reliability and to facilitate systems maintenance.

Construction maintenance included mowing operations, removal of invasive plants and reconditioning work on the reservoir banks. Technical surveillance and surface water monitoring were completed on the reservoirs, along with seismological monitoring and land survey measurements of the power plants' built structures.

All maintenance operations were completed in accordance with the HESS Business Plan for 2016. The work was carried out by in-house personnel and human resources employed by the subsidiary Partner d.o.o.

The integration and testing of a multi-purpose hydrographic survey vessel was completed successfully. HESS is required to continuously monitor the conditions in the reservoirs in order to identify any need for dredging and removal of deposits.

Automatic water level measurement stations were set up along the Sava River from Hrastnik to Krško, allowing us to collect important information for running the chain of hydroelectric power plants in an optimal and safer way.

Also, a public alert system was set up in the lower Sava River area, which is made up of seven public warning sirens located in the areas of influence of individual power plants' reservoirs – these sirens have been integrated into the public alert system operated by the regional emergency communications center. In addition to the warning signs being used across Slovenia, a special warning sign for an imminent danger of a flash flood wave was introduced and put up in appropriate locations along the Sava River.