Production and Maintenance of HESS Hydroelectric Power Plants in 2015

19 Jan, 2016
Production and Maintenance of HESS Hydroelectric Power Plants in 2015

HESS power plants HPP Boštanj, HPP Arto-Blanca and HPP Krško generated a combined total of 313 GWh of electricity in 2015.

All planned maintenance operations were carried out in accordance with the annual maintenance plan, allowing a safe and efficient production of electricity. Inspections of generating units and grid-connected transformers were being conducted since January. Maintenance work was also being carried out on shared systems throughout the year, including work on the spillways, hydromechanical and hoisting equipment, and drainage works.

The equipment operating under severe conditions (moisture, temperature, UV radiation) needed to undergo reconstruction work to ensure its uninterrupted, trouble-free operation. The maintenance work entailed several equipment modifications aiming to improve the equipment's operational reliability.

Maintenance work removing some of the landslips, including regular mowing operations and riverbank clean-ups, was carried out on the reservoirs as well. Routine operational monitoring of surface water (physical and chemical parameters, biological parameters, eutrophication indicators) was being carried out all along.

The last of the planned maintenance activities were completed in December and included removal of driftwood and inspections of oil separators and oil separator pits. All periodic servicing was carried out on the ancillary systems, and preparations were made for the maintenance work scheduled to start in January 2016.