Public Statement: Contract for delivery of hydro-mechanic equipment to HE Brežice signed

13 Mar, 2014
Public Statement: Contract for delivery of hydro-mechanic equipment to HE Brežice signed

Bogdan Barbič (CEO HESS, d.o.o.) and Janez Škrabec (CEO Riko, d.o.o.) met in the Brežice Castle and signed the contract for delivery of hydro-mechanic equipment to HE Brežice, the next hydro plant in the row on the Lower Sava River. Mr. Škrabec also signed contracts with his subcontractors.
Hydro-mechanic equipment is highly sophisticated technological structure aimed at providing secure functioning of the hydro plant and partitioning structure, as well as ensuring adequate technological conditions for energy production at a variable discharge of the Sava River.
The equipment for the overflow structure consists of five electro-hydraulic controlled radial gates, each weighing approximately 100 tons. They are installed into the overflow structure of the partitioning part of the hydro plant and are considered the most important elements in providing a constant water level in the reservoirs at a normal discharge of the Sava, resulting in a reliable production of electric energy. In case of higher discharge (up to the level of hundred-years waters) they have to ensure complete safety of the whole structure, as well as to provide adequate flood protection of the areas down the river. Included is the equipment needed for regular maintenance of the radial gates and the partitioning structure.
The hydro-mechanic equipment of the turbine infrastructure is intended primarily to provide a reliable operation of the installed technological equipment for energy production and its maintenance. It consists of several sub-systems, like floating barrier, in-flow grids, gates and elevators.
Tender documentation and the process of procurement were managed by HSE Invest d.o.o. on behalf of HESS d.o.o. The contract for delivery and instalment of the equipment includes the project works, composing the technical documentation, the production, delivery and instalment of the complete hydro-mechanic equipment and test runs. Bogdan Barbič, CEO HESS, stated his appreciation Slovenia still owns the knowledge to build the most complex parts of HE.
Riko d.o.o. was chosen as the provider of the equipment among other international bidders. Apart from a competitive price, the Riko bid excels with advanced technological solution causing a minimal influence on the environment. Furthermore, it is based on Slovenian knowledge and skills in delivery, production and installation. Several distinguished Slovenian providers are included in the bid, like Montavar Projekt, Metalna Senovo, La & Co, Telem and Iskra impuls. Mr. Škrabec, CEO Riko d.o.o., emphasized the position of his company as an integrating element of Slovenian knowledge and skills. He expressed his wish to continue with the same activity in the future also in the production of electric facilities on foreign markets.
The value of the works covered by the contract is set to 8,606,159.46 EUR (VAT not included), which represents approximately 8% of the whole production part of HE Brežice. Delivery date was set to April 2016.