Safety Day at HESS

25 Nov, 2019
Safety Day at HESS

Employee training in occupational health and safety, fire safety and health promotion during the 2019 HESS Safety Day

Since occupational health and safety (OHS) and fire safety (FS) are essential to our company's reliable, quality operations and business success, our OHS and FS policy aims to identify, analyze and take measures for minimizing the risks in this particular area.

At HESS, we place a heavy focus on employee training and health promotion in the workplace. The aim is to prevent accidents at work, work-related injuries and illnesses, and occupational diseases while creating optimal working conditions for employees throughout their careers.

In November, we held HESS Safety Day for our employees in accordance with the statutory requirements and the company's internal rules. This year's training was divided into several sessions: general occupational training in health and safety and fire safety, ecology, health promotion in the workplace, emergency evacuation from a building, and a practical demonstration of how to put out fires in their early stages. The purpose of the training was to provide employees with professional guidance for achieving health and safety in the workplace.

Among general topics, the first part of the OHS training also included a demonstration of how to use a defibrillator – there is one installed in the company's office building and at each of its hydroelectric power plants.

In the context of health promotion, in association with Aristotel Health Centre, we held a workshop on the topics of physical activity, sitting, and active (or booster) breaks in the workplace. Our employees were presented with the importance of staying physically active and working every day on maintaining a healthy spine and back. This is particularly important for jobs that are predominantly sedentary. We got to know useful tips and tricks on how to sit properly, looked for pain-free body postures (standing up and sitting down) and, in the practical part of the workshop, we also learned some exercise routines for stretching and toning the muscles which are under the most stress in our work processes.

In conclusion, a fire emergency simulation – with a practical demonstration of how to evacuate the office building and put out fires in the early stages – was held in cooperation with the Obrežje Volunteer Fire Department.

HESS is constantly committed to ensuring that all its employees receive proper training in occupational health and safety and fire safety. Regular occupational health and safety inspections of work equipment and resources, as well as fire safety inspections of premises and equipment, are carried out across the company's business facilities and hydroelectric power plants. In addition to providing periodic professional training for employees, we also make sure our employees are medically fit and have access to suitable functional equipment needed to carry out their work safely. Such opportunities for refreshing existing, or developing new, skills are exceptionally well received among our employees – this was confirmed by a rating poll completed by the employees after the training, in which they rated the training as excellent. (Photos: Alen Lazič)