The Sava River Day – 1 June

01 Jun, 2018
The Sava River Day – 1 June

The International Sava River Day, on 1 June, has been celebrated since 2007 by four countries through which this 944-km-long scenic river flows. Its headwaters, the Sava Dolinka and the Sava Bohinjka, join at Radovljica and the river continues its path across Slovenia, in the total length of 220 km, across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all the way to Belgrade, where is discharges into the Danube.

The Sava, our country's longest river, has long played a crucial role for the people living with it. Through history, the river had a largely positive impact on the lives of the people along its banks, but its torrential character had also caused a great deal of difficulties and hardship to the people. This fast-flowing river would cause major economic damage by bursting its banks several times, destroying property, crops and other infrastructural facilities.

But on the other hand, the Sava River also offers a wealth of possibilities for the development of economic, tourism and sporting activities and for fostering regional connections, which in turn helps improve the quality of living for the people along its banks and farther out. By building hydroelectric power plants on the river, the company HESS makes a significant contribution to the sustainable harnessing of the Sava's hydro potential and to the development of positive impacts that come with it (infrastructure, flood protection, watercourse management, farmland irrigation, sport and tourism development, nature protection configurations, and more).

On the Sava River Day, we all should bear in mind that the river is life and that as such it is vital for our own survival.