The Sava River Day celebrated on 1 June

30 Maj, 2014
The Sava River Day celebrated on 1 June

In 2007, 1 June was proclaimed as The Sava River Day, annually celebrated by the four countries through which the Sava flows. With its 220 km on the Slovenian territory (of the total 944 km) it remains our longest river. In Slovenia, her main tributaries are rivers Ljubljanica, Savinja, Mirna and Krka. The Sava river basin is a part of the Danube river basin, the largest in the world.
Sava claims two springs. Sava Dolinka meets the surface in Tamar, then sinks and resurfaces at Rateče and Sava Bohinjka flows from the Lake Bohinj. Both Savas meet at Radovljica in continue towards Croatia, across Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia, and flow into the Danube at Belgrade.
The Sava River carries a lot of importance and heavily influences the coexistence among the local population, as due to her strong torrent character the Sava can immediately change from a peaceful beautiful water into an unstoppable force, the cause of much devastation in the past.
At HESS we are aware of the river's characteristics, especially of its unexploited water potential regarding electrical energy production. By constructing hydro plants on the Lower Sava River, we maintain strong co-operation with the river – it provides much needed electrical energy, while the local population and communities receive essential flood protection by constructed HPP infrastructure. They also enjoy higher groundwater levels, thus preserving potable water and increasing of irrigation possibilities. The river, accumulation capacities and annual events connect the people of the complete river basin.
It is proper to use The Sava River Day to remember that the river is essential for our existence.