The water level of the Sava River is on the rise

12 Nov, 2014
The water level of the Sava River is on the rise

In 2014 the water level of the Sava River have increased, which enables a larger production, however several problematic occurrences have taken place, especially in regard to HE Brežice construction.
The period 7-9 November 2014 saw considerable damage inflicted by the floods in Slovenia. The protection against floods in Posavje (being formed simultaneously with the construction of the hydro plants) showed its value yet again, due to the fact that the Sava River caused no damage whatsoever. We are convinced that the HESS company contributed to that fact by taking adequate and timely steps in managing hydro plants on the Lower Sava River.
Considerable problems occurred at the construction of the HE Brežice, as the river damaged a section of coating with the riverbank on the right side of the riverbed. Most important, the wall of the construction pit held fast, therefore the high water with a discharge of 2,300 m3/s did not enter the pit, hence the works inside continue without disturbance. The following Monday (10 November) the repair works began on the damaged section of the river bank.
The certain efficiency of the future flood barrier along the left bank of the Krka protecting Krška vas and Velike Malence against floods was emphasised by the fact that water did not reach the mentioned settlements. Despite the high discharge of the Sava River, the depot (which currently serves as a partial flood barrier) blocked the progress of the high water towards the villages.

1 The risen Sava River flows into the Krka River by the depot
2 The construction pit