They cannot remain by themselves

07 Feb, 2014
They cannot remain by themselves

We are deeply concerned about the development regarding the hard conditions of our citizens who have been stricken by the ice rain, sleet, damaged trees, desperation and helplessness. 
Our areas have luckily been spared from the catastrophe, yet we are aware that we have to help each other and at least partially ease the burden inflicted by the raging nature. 
We have gladly answered to calls for help and temporarily – free of charge - lent a mobile 80 kW diesel electric aggregate (DEA) to a hardly accessible Idrija. The aggregate can supply power to 30-60 households, depending on the consumption (residences, farms, water self-supply pumps, etc).
We are watching over the developments with heavy hearts, but at the same time glad to have eased some hard times off the affected people.