Water and energy – the World Water Day

21 Mar, 2014
Water and energy – the World Water Day

On 22 March, the World Water Day, we would like to emphasize the importance of preserving water sources in natural environment. The motto of the World Water Day 2015 is 'Water and Energy'.
The HESS company is aware of the importance of water sources preservation, as it is precisely water (the cleanest energy source) that enables us to provide a much needed share of electricity production from renewable sources in Slovenia.
The electrical energy is a driving engine of the global economy. It is highly dependent and tightly connected to water and artificial lakes, used by existent hydro plant for energy production. In addition to providing electricity from the cleanest source by constructing new hydro plants, the HESS company also provides higher levels of groundwater, resulting in reliable supplies of potable water, as well as necessary irrigation of farmland. 
The future of mankind certainly depends on unspoiled nature, therefore we will do our best at keeping rivers and artificial lakes clean, and thus provide a better quality of life to the people.