About HESS

Bogdan Barbič, HESS CEO

Established in 2008, Hidroelektrarne na Spodnji Savi, d.o.o., (HESS for short) is a Slovenian hydroelectric power company, a limited-liability company with 44 employees. Its core mission is to facilitate and promote the construction of new hydroelectric power plants and to engage in electricity generation that is sustainable, reliable, competitive and environmentally friendly.

The company's operations and the construction of hydroelectric power plants are largely regulated by the Concession Agreement for Harnessing the Energy Potential of the Lower Sava River and the Act on the Conditions of the Concession for Harnessing the Energy Potential of the Lower Sava River (ZPKEPS-1).

With its project to build HPPs on the lower Sava River, the company HESS currently ranks among the biggest developers of renewable energy sources both in Slovenia and the wider region. Also, the project will help generate a significant proportion of electricity from renewables, allowing the Republic of Slovenia to deliver on its commitments to the EU in terms of renewable energy sources.

In addition to making the investment, HESS has also deployed operating and maintainance systems for the hydroelectric power plants already completed (HPP Boštanj, HPP Arto-Blanca, HPP Krško) in order to optimize the operation of the hydroelectric power plants while providing maximum safety and reliability.