HPP Mokrice, with an installed capacity of 28.05 MW, is the last hydroelectric power plant in the chain of six HPPs on the lower Sava River. It is of the run-of-the-river and reservoir type, with three tubular generating units with a combined rated discharge of 500 m3/s, five spillways and an estimated average annual production output of 131 GWh.

The zone of influence of HPP Mokrice extends from the confluence of the Sava and the Krka to the national border with Croatia. This section will see the implementation of measures to ensure optimal use of electricity and to prevent the present natural conditions from deteriorating in any way. Due to its natural features, the confluence of the Sava and the Krka presents a peculiar challenge. This particular area therefore calls for special attention. A sustainable configuration of the confluence is envisaged in order to preserve the river ecosystem in the Krka and the scenery of the junction area of the Krka.

Full automation of the power plant, unmanned operation and remote control from the control centre are envisaged.