Major projects completed

20 Dec, 2019
Major projects completed

In autumn, HESS completed two major capital expenditure and modification projects. The first project involved the replacement of the control systems at HPP Boštanj and HPP Arto-Blanca, and the second one focused on the reconstruction of the hydromechanical equipment at HPP Arto-Blanca.

As part of the control system replacement at HPP Boštanj and HPP Arto-Blanca, both primary and secondary equipment needed to be replaced due to obsolescence, and the software of the power plant's control system was updated as well. All individual sections were tested at both power plants – the work and testing operations were carried out in line with the hydrological conditions without affecting the generation of electricity in any way. This project has considerably improved the reliability of the two hydroelectric power plant's operation and extended the life of the HPP control systems. The successful completion of the project has been made possible through teamwork by all the project participants. A special thank-you goes to the HSE Invest team, which developed the application software, allowing the HPPs to be started up according to schedule and all the required testing routines to be run successfully.

HPP Brežice control room with the updated control systems for HPP Boštanj and HPP Arto-Blanca

In the hydromechanical equipment project, the spillway gate cylinders needed to be dismantled and retrofitted, and the damaged piston rods had to be replaced as well. This entailed complex operations since most of the work was carried out above the water level. This particular project also includes the reconstruction of the hydromechanical equipment at HPP Krško, which got underway in October. The replacement of the piston rods has caused changes to the method of measuring the position of the gates and to the software for controlling the spillways. The completed reconstruction of the hydromechanical equipment at HPP Arto-Blanca has improved the operational reliability and safety of the spillways.